County Clerk

Robin Booker 2 - Copy  Jennifer Sunday 2
Robin Booker   Jennifer Sunday, First Deputy 
County Clerk 
Took Office in 2013

The County Clerk:
    • Serves as the registrar of deeds and custodian of records
    • Serves as secretary to various boards, posting agendas and recording proceedings
    • Reviews all claims, prepares warrants for payment, and keeps financial ledger
    • Maintains a "judgment docket" where orders from the district court on real property are entered
    • Maintains a list of fees that can be charged for copying documents which are classified as "open records"
    • Undergoes annual check by the State Auditor and Inspector
Some content may be extracted from OSU Cooperative Extension Fact Sheet AGEC-802 and/or the County Training Program website.  More complete information is available from these sources.

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County Clerk's Office 3 - Copy M'Kenzie Smith 2 Simona Guerra 2 Randi Graham 3
  M'Kenzie Smith, 2nd Deputy Mona Guerra, 2nd Deputy Randi Graham, 2nd Deputy
The County Clerk 's Office